Leadership and Transformation Coach for Working Women


My name is Kate Adey and I enable working women to reconnect with who they are, reach high performance at work and lead simpler lives, all with less stress and more space in their minds.

“Your capacity to perform is a constant, the only variable is your state of mind.”

If you are working for yourself, the founder of your own business or a senior woman in corporate life and would like to find out;

  • How to overcome what’s holding you back at work and in life.
  • How to overcome fears and failure.
  • How to change direction or start again.
  • How to manage balance between work and home life.
  • How to deal with too much thinking.

Then this is where I come in…

My coaching approach is both practical and profound. I help you see what you can’t see for yourself by pointing you to an understanding of how the human mind works that results in opening up possibilities and unlocking your potential.

“Kate’s very natural but challenging way of working helped me to see the confidence within me and how to be kinder with myself. It helped me to be in a better frame of mind more of the time.”

Jessica, Founder of a PR Agency

“The most valuable part of our work together is the way you weave it all together – personal and spiritual insight and reflection to unlock my potential and remove negative or ‘blocking’ thinking. Plus the way you blend the spiritual and emotional insight and connectivity with practical leadership and development coaching. You are very in touch with the inside out but have extensive senior corporate leadership experience as well. Great to work with a coach who has walked the walk.”

Monique Carayol, Director of Transformation

“Kate’s input on how our mindset effects our performance in everything we do, at work and at home was eye opening. It has allowed me to understand more about the impact I have on others in the office and on clients thus improve relationships”.

Sales Director at a Financial Software Firm

“Working with Kate was invaluable and incisive, at a time when I was faced with the significant challenge of returning from maternity leave earlier than planned, to take up the role of Interim Chief Executive. Kate provided a safe, empowering and focused environment to craft a structure for my approach both in terms of stepping into the role and managing the day to day pressures of being a working mother. Kate has a razor sharp mind that cuts through to the real challenges that are faced and she provides insights that are easy to translate into the day to day management of an organisation. Kates support and guidance at such a crucial stage in my career ensured that I functioned at an optimum level and in turn was able to provide the support and guidance required to the incoming Chief Executive for the benefit of the charity. I am forever thankful for Kate’s support during this time of my life and would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Emma L Dagnes, Deputy Chief Executive, Alexandra Park Charitable Trust & Alexandra Palace Trading Ltd

Working with Me

I encourage you to be a ‘detective of your own life’, challenge assumptions and open your minds to something that’s within all of us. I use different ways to point you to the fact that our experience in the moment is only created one way, that is from the inside-out. The feedback I get from clients is that I create a safe, dynamic place for learning to happen and for them to see something for themselves that they haven’t seen before. Having worked in the corporate world I am also able to combine an understanding of the stresses of the workplace with the pressures of home life, being a mother of three boys under ten. My aim is to provide a different working set up depending on where you want to start. Have a look at the three different ways that you could work with me and do get in touch to find out more.

One to One Coaching

A coaching programme is designed to meet your individual needs and can be a combination of any of the following formats and over a period of time that ties in well with your situation;

  • Face to face
  • Virtual
  • A telephone call

One to One Coaching plus being a member of a Mastermind group

These are are sessions where you join a small number of like-minded people,who I have coached, to learn from each other and elevateyour potential.

Group Workshops

Come and join a group of curious minded, busy working parents, to work on key themes relevant to you and your business. Kate brings the Inside-Out understanding of human nature to look at your life’s everyday challenge’s so that you walk away with profound insights and practical ways forward.

Want to know more?