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What’s holding you back in life?

We all have something that is holding us back from being ourselves. However, we might not have ever given ourselves the time or opportunity to have a conversation. Maybe not giving yourself permission to take the time out is what’s holding you back?!

Join me and six working women at my next face-to-face workshop. Give yourself permission, if you are your own boss, or talk to your boss to get this important time away from the workplace. I know you’ll see a difference and so will they!

26th January 2-4pm
Venue: The Old Rectory, Alford, Somerset, BA7 7PN.

Feedback from the Group Workshop: Exploring Mind


Thank you so much for a very inspiring morning and all of you beautiful ladies. It was wonderful to hear about you and how amazing you all are! I’m not JUST a mum!!! I’m a mum trying to step into a career again. Nervous and scared to fail if I’m totally honest, and either I get talked out of it or I end up nurturing someone else. This is why I felt it was important for me join in this workshop. I have been working hard towards my goal and I’m ready to take the next step.

It is always interesting to learn new things. But to be given something so instantaneously was quite remarkable. I have implemented some of what I learnt in many ways and found my self with a lighter step. For me it is hard to trust and I do live in my head! So extra powerful to experience leaving my head to trust a greater force whether this belongs in me or to a greater force.

I really really enjoyed your session – what a lovely approach you have. The room felt full of generosity and goodwill, no doubt spilling from you.

What is Under the Skin?

Myself and Karolina Gladych, a Psychologist and Life Coach, have created a series called ‘Under the Skin’ where we are in conversation to get under the skin of some hot topics related to being a parent. We invite guest speakers along the way.

Episode 1

What if the role of a parent isn’t what we think? A conversation with Karoline Gladych, a Psychologist and Life Coach.

Episode 2: What if being a parent could be easier and less stressful? With guest speaker Peter Anderson. 

Peter has worked as a teacher and headteacher for nearly forty years, thirty of them as a headteacher of three large primary schools. His passion is to help children and adults to navigate their lives more peacefully and with more grace.

Episode 3: Being Perfect with Tammy Furey

Have you ever fallen into the ‘trap’ of having to be the perfect parent? It happens to a lot of us! Join me and Karolina Gladych for Episode 3 of the Under the Skin series, in conversation with Tammy Furey a coach for parents. See more about Tammy at

Listen out for, at about 30 minutes in, us talking about ‘your story of the should’ and the ‘internal fight of what you would like and what it is really like.’

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any part of the conversation that resonates with you. You can email me at and find out more about me at

If you want to download the conversation as an audio, go to soundcloud: