How I used to see myself

  • Caught up in my mind about how I needed to be.
  • Caught up in my mind about what others were doing better than me.
  • Caught up in my mind that what I was feeling was all about me.
  • Feeling stuck and insecure.
  • Desperately trying to control & be secure, and pushing away all the experiences because it was making me so scared
  • Took myself seriously and took it on board myself to work it out and find a way out.
  • Bombarded with reason after reason about why I was feeling like I was and what I should do.
  • Looking outside of myself for peace and freedom
  • Bottling up my feelings and attaching so much meaning to them about who I was.

Waking up to who I truly am – What I now see about self and reality.

  • I am not who I thought I was trapped in a world
  • The illusory nature of self and objects: anything I think about me, about others or things, none of it is actually there, it is an illusion.
  • The way out is seeing who I truly am. So there is no need to escape & no change is necessary
  • Nothing that anyone says or does can hurt me because the ME is not the separated body and mind that I thought I was
  • Whatever is right now, there is nothing to change. We are only ever doing what makes sense
  • The things we know to do will come as that’s how life works, it just happens e.g. breathing, learning to speak
  • Who I am is the space of awareness in to which experiences come in.
  • All of my actions are coming from my understanding of self and reality.

How I see myself moving forward.

  • Realigned, from trapped to freedom, and handling experiences coming in from that space.
  • A softer me because I now see that the things that make most sense are just happening and not in my control.
  • Feeling more open to experience and no longer resisting things as I no longer see what comes to me as part of who I am (I don’t attach meaning)
  • I am the space into which all experience happens
  • With experience coming into this space there is presence, openness and it is a different sense of self in a different reality
  • The burden of seeing myself as the one who is control has fallen away to feel freedom and expanse.
  • Falling back into the freedom of learning where there is peace and expansion.
  • Being open to seeing more of who we really are.