Is there more to how we get things done?


I recently asked for some feedback from clients, family and friends and it was this feedback that made me want to write this post.

The feedback was, “Something I have particularly noted over recent times with so much going on in your life (house move, restoration, 3 young boys, job and more) is the ability to get stuff done with so many potentially conflicting things happening all at the same time. All this, without losing your mind! You are good at delegating and asking for help which I’m sure is one aspect which helps, staying calm is another, but there must be more.”

I have discovered that there is more to how we get things done, and that we all have it but don’t see it! Here are a few home truths:

  1. It is not a skill that you need to learn
  2. When you not feeling OK it is not all of those things going on that are making you feel that way.
  3. We ALL have inner resilience, and a natural resilient state, however we just don’t see it or know how to tap into it.

By resilience I mean dealing with day-to-day challenges and being able to bounce back from setbacks. Why don’t we see our resilience as already being there in us?

Through my own work and working with clients I have found that it is because we spend most of our lives looking outside of ourselves for the answer, spending too much time caught up in our heads thinking about the past or worrying about the future, which takes us further away from connecting with who we are, resilient beings.

How come some days we can feel OK dealing with lots on our plate and some days we don’t? Have you had times when you have been stuck in a traffic jam and been angry and stressed out and other times where you have been more relaxed? The fact that we can all go in and out of different mood states is proof that our moods are not fixed and that’s it’s not the situation that creates our moods, even though it looks like it could be!

How we function is simple; each of our experiences is being created through our thought and as soon as we let thought go it gets replaced by different thinking, i.e. stressed thinking about the traffic can be replaced by calmer thinking, and so our feeling changes by itself. It really does happen naturally without doing anything! This is our natural resilient state, one which if we connect with we know we are OK and can handle life.

What do you have in life that helps you to settle down and connect with who you are?