Work with Kate

Work with Kate

Working together to find solutions

I have followed a path to explore the human psyche since studying Psychology at St Andrews University. I continued my exploration completing a number of studies such as a Coaching Diploma, a Masters in Management Learning & Leadership, and Inside-Out Paradigm training. It was this training that introduced me to the Three Principles work of Sydney Banks and the inside-out nature of who we are.

Through the continual deepening of my understanding of the mind I have experienced some truths about how we operate, or as George Pranksy says, ‘How our software works’. Coming to see them at play in my own life has invigorated me to want to share them with working women, like you. If it’s true for me why can’t it be true for you too?!

“Kate’s very natural but challenging way of working helped me to see the confidence within me and how to be kinder with myself. It helped me to be in a better frame of mind more of the time.”

Jessica, Founder of a PR Agency

“The most valuable part of our work together is the way you weave it all together – personal and spiritual insight and reflection to unlock my potential and remove negative or ‘blocking’ thinking. Plus the way you blend the spiritual and emotional insight and connectivity with practical leadership and development coaching. You are very in touch with the inside out but have extensive senior corporate leadership experience as well. Great to work with a coach who has walked the walk.”

Monique Carayol, Director of Transformation

“Kate’s input on how our mindset effects our performance in everything we do, at work and at home was eye opening. It has allowed me to understand more about the impact I have on others in the office and on clients thus improve relationships”.

Sales Director at a Financial Software Firm

“Working with Kate was invaluable and incisive, at a time when I was faced with the significant challenge of returning from maternity leave earlier than planned, to take up the role of Interim Chief Executive. Kate provided a safe, empowering and focused environment to craft a structure for my approach both in terms of stepping into the role and managing the day to day pressures of being a working mother. Kate has a razor sharp mind that cuts through to the real challenges that are faced and she provides insights that are easy to translate into the day to day management of an organisation. Kates support and guidance at such a crucial stage in my career ensured that I functioned at an optimum level and in turn was able to provide the support and guidance required to the incoming Chief Executive for the benefit of the charity. I am forever thankful for Kate’s support during this time of my life and would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Emma L Dagnes, Deputy Chief Executive, Alexandra Park Charitable Trust & Alexandra Palace Trading Ltd


Working with Me


I enjoy working one-to-one or in groups, face-to-face or virtually, and in all of these sessions I continue to point you to what is already within you and how we really operate from the inside out.

One to One Coaching

I always start by having a ‘rapport call’ or if local to me a face-to-face meeting to see if we would like to work together. If then you would like to kick-off by exploring on a one-to-one basis I offer both face-to-face coaching at my home office, at a place that works for you or we can work virtually using a technology such as Zoom or Skype. I treat each client on a individual basis to work out the best way of working together, looking at the number and frequency of coaching sessions needed.

One to One Coaching plus
being a member of a
Mastermind group

Once you have started your coaching one-to-one it might be that you would benefit from being part of a small mastermind group. This is a group of four or five busy working parents who come together either face-to-face or virtually to support and challenge each other and to unleash each other’s potential. The meetings are 90 minutes each and can take place twice a month. Each person gets a chance to take the ‘hot seat’ to ask questions and seek feedback. Everyone learns from the person in the hot seat. When looking at who would work well together I look at compatibility, business and life goals and also for a variety of backgrounds.

Group Workshops

I love running group workshops for a small group of busy working parents. It is a great way for you to meet other people going through similar challenges, to learn from each other and also to network. I prefer to run these face-to-face as there is a richness in meeting up in person, however I am open to running these virtually too. The themes of the workshops are guided by what’s on your minds. Example of themes I have run to date are; How to be more present, Finding your purpose to Creating more connection in relationships.

What have I learnt?


Through coaching and working with busy parents I have learnt several things about how we truly operate as individuals. Below are just some highlights of those learning and also the ways that I can help you too.

  • Our moment-to-moment experience comes from within, from the inside out and not from the outside in.
  • Thought is energy and thoughts come and go.
  • We are all innately healthy and have peace of mind.
  • 100% of anxiety, stress, confusion that we experience comes from being caught up in our own noise i.e. in our own thinking.
  • When I listen with a quiet mind and beyond what I know (my intellect) that new insight is created i.e. new thought.
  • Change happens from insight, from new thought.

“To realize it’s your own creation… your own misery is your own creation. That’s pretty humbling.

It changes everything to see that. How seriously can you take yourself in light of the fact that you’re making it up.”

Jack Pransky

“We ask ourselves who I am to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you NOT to be?”

Nelson Mandela

Workshops & Events

Kate holds Group Workshops at the Coach House and has a great Video series called ‘Under the Skin’ in collaboration with Karoline Gladych, a Psychologist and Life Coach.

To find out about the next Group Workshop or view the video series visit the Activities page.