About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate! A Leadership and Parent Coach who gives leaders a different lens on leadership and life. Discover effortless action, feeling at ease and unlimited potential. I’m a mother of three boys, a wife and friend, home renovator and organiser, and explorer of our true nature…..

I can remember in the early years of working as a management consultant in large corporates, doubting myself, overthinking, hiding and holding back even as a high-achieving female leader!

I can remember: 

  • Not feeling myself at work or in life. I wanted to express who I really was and communicate more freely, but I felt inhibited, stuck, trapped in my own thinking and so was silent! Sometimes around management tables!
  • Not feeling totally happy inside I was searching for answers to happiness, however had an echo in my mind that my searching ‘out there’ wasn’t where the answer to happiness was!
  • I was masking the real ‘me’ and felt small and limited in what I was capable of both professionally and personally..

There are three key words that sum up my story of how I came to see and know true happiness.


I will share with you what each mean to me and hope that some of it resonates with you.

Curiosity – investigating the nature of our being

  • I have always been a very curious person and really interested in understanding what it means to be a human being. My curiosity lead me to read a huge number of books, ranging from leadership, psychology, books on the brain, mind and spirituality.
  • A key book that opened up the possibility that I was looking in the wrong direction was a book called ‘The Missing Link’ by Sydney Banks. I realised that I had been giving my attention to all of the activities, thoughts, feelings, perceptions of my experience and not noticing what is always there and that doesn’t come and go. That is Awareness!
  • I knew I was onto something! So I continued my investigation into the nature of our being reading and listening to teachers such as: Rupert Spira, Garret Kramer, Rhonda Burns, Moogi and many others.

A key question that I asked myself that took my attention back towards myself, the one who is aware was; “What is it that knows or is aware of my experience?”

Discovery – finding out the nature of our being

What I found is that Peace and happiness are the nature of our being.

I no longer approach experience and activities for the purpose of finding peace and happiness in them.

I don’t seek friends for the purpose of seeking happiness.

I no longer seek a relationship for the purpose of being happy.

I know that if we expect someone else to produce happiness for us that is a recipe for disappointment in ourselves and conflict in the relationships.

I see friends for the purpose of sharing my happiness and expressing it.

No one produces happiness for me or anyone else.

This enables me to go out fully into the world and engage in it.

“We cease using the world to serve our happiness and we start using our happiness to serve the world.”
Rupert Spira

Awareness – knowing this is who we are

This might be a bit harder to understand and might seem a bit weird to you, however I share it here as it is what I have seen and underpins my work as a coach.

  • Somewhere along the line I learnt to feel separate from myself, separate from love, peace and freedom. So went seeking myself in the world. I went seeking love.
  • Although we seem to be many people, separate from each other and other things. We are not as we appear to be!
  • If we really look, we can’t find a separate person, although it appears there is. What we find is the awareness that knows the feeling, that knows the thought.
  • When I am not seeking happiness, I notice that I am happiness. Happiness can be substituted with Love, Peace, Wisdom, Freedom.
  • I have seen that everyone and everything share their being

How does this knowing impact my life and coaching work?

I have found that by taking this perspective into my life, into my client work, into my interactions with anyone I meet, if irrespective of the way the person acts, behaves, they are the same being as myself and I let this understanding inform my relationships.

What I have found isn’t anything new. It’s not something we need to gain or learn. It’s a stripping away of this understanding in ourselves as being a separate entity (mind and body) and sinking back into the knowing that has never left us.

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  • You having to feel you need to be or need to try to have to feel a certain way.
  • Working with your story of who you are.
  • Helping you to achieve an outcome in order to feel fulfilled.


  • Be on coaching calls with my clients,
  • Write proposals for working with prospective clients,
  • Go on long dog walks with the family and friends
  • Collect delicious sour dough bread freshly made from the bakery down the road,
  • Run across the fields,
  • Go open water swimming at Vobster Quarry with some gorgeous friends,

A timeline of Kate

Teenager to early 20’s
  • Happy years, however I took myself far too seriously!
  • Spent hours analyzing everything in my head!
  • St Andrews’s University: I felt different! Over thinking’ and analyzing but had this deep sense of self but didn’t know what to do with it.
  • Changed from Economics to Psychology and met some people who became my friends.
Back-packed around the world 1992-1993
  • Got around the world without losing my passport!
  • Met someone who worked at International Management Group (IMG) and I knew I wanted to work there!
  • Chosen as one of the ten graduates to do an internship at IMG.
Moved to London and job hunted 1993-1995
  • Wrote to loads of Sponsorship and PR agencies and finally got work experience at Shandwick Plc. It turned into a full time job offer.
  • After a year there I knew I wanted to work in a bigger business.
  • Successfully got a job at Accenture 1996-2002: Luckily my previous work experience meant I didn’t end up on a coding project!
  • Loved the client work, relationship building
  • After 5 years I felt less of a fit, and my values were not in line with the organisation.
Left Accenture, Job hunted and started a Coaching Diploma 2002
  • Highs and lows of job hunting; High was the networking and lows of worrying about no money coming in!
  • Realised that to coach I really needed to stop my over thinking!
  • My passion, focus and experience landed me a great coaching and leadership role at Corven consulting, 2003
  • Flourished there; pitching for work, designing & delivering leadership development programmes and coaching clients
  • Always learning by reading and doing Development Programmes such as; Tavistock Centre, Gestalt school and Harvard Business School.
Married, Pregnant, started Masters and Moved House 2006
  • Started a Masters in Management learning and Leadership (MaMML) at Lancaster University, 2006.
  • Realised the passion I had for doing my Dissertation on Maternity Transition
  • Moved house 8 months pregnant!
  • Had baby January 2007. Wrote up my dissertation in cafes whilst the baby slept!
Pregnant with second child, set up my Coaching business, attended Masters Graduation.
  • Networking, collaborating and using the Masters research opened doors to My Family Care who I have worked for and am still working for since 2010.
  • Third maternity leave 2012
  • Had my own coach who introduced me to the works of Sydney Banks, Author. Something clicked that he was pointing not to the personal identity but to who we all are one shared being. This was where I wanted to stay and explore more!
Moved family from London to Somerset, renovated an old Rectory, 2016 to 2019
  • Bought a 17th Century Grade II Listed Rectory and managed the conversion of the coach house first and then the main house. What a journey!
  • Came across the 3 Principles May 2018, read loads, and attended an event in New York run by three ‘big guns’ in the three Principles world, namely, Michael Neil, Jamie Smart and Garret Kramer:
  • Something about the Three Principles wasn’t what Sydney Banks saw. Only Garret was seeing this. I began to follow Garret and joined his team to explore our true nature.
  • March 2019 in New York with Garret & his team: a big learning was to welcome any negative feelings and emotions without trying to change it or get rid of it.
  • November 2019 in Somerset: I was physically exhausted after four years of a lot on my plate. However, it became so clear to me that there was peace behind my experience.
  • Continue to investigate our own being, sharing what I know and connecting with businesses in the South West

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