When we’re not performing as well as we could let’s face it, it just doesn’t feel right.

Some of you may not be aware of it not feeling right, but for those of you who are aware you might have had that feeling for example in a meeting, when facilitating a group, in an interview or on the sports field.

Before I came across the Inside Out understanding of the mind, I attributed my poor performance and it not feeling right with something or someone external to me e.g. if only that person hadn’t asked it in that way, the group was really hard, I wasn’t in the right position on the pitch…However, I now have a different relationship with THOUGHT and an understanding of the mind, and know deep down that I am feeling my thinking in the moment.

I had an experience the other week when I was co-hosting a talk and I was asked a question from the audience; ‘What do you mean by performance?’ As I was answering the question I knew I was answering it from my head, from my intellect and not from the place within that felt right. It just didn’t feel right!

This ‘not feeling right’ comes from being caught up in ones thinking, ones intellect, that then traps you from accessing your wisdom. If I had been aware enough I would have shared my intellectual answer and stated it as that and let that go to access a quieter state of mind that we can all access if we just let it. We don’t have to do anything to access it – that is the beauty of the human mind. From that place I would have answered that performance is when I am accessing my natural ability and learned skills from a clear state of mind.

If you have recently experienced something like this do get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.