I bet we have all at some point in our careers said to ourselves ‘I’m going to be found out! or ‘I’m suffering from imposter syndrome!’

We may look at it as a bad feeling to get rid of, to cope with or to be resisted. We are so used to accepting beliefs and our conditioning as real!

But feeling like an imposter, or feeling insecure about how good you are, having self-doubt is a warning sign to be welcomed. Yes I do mean welcomed!

It’s a warning sign that you are searching for your identity in the world, you’re connecting your worth to material things. This brings suffering with it and it hurts. It feels like it is as we are conditioned to believe it’s a problem with us.

In fact it’s not a problem at all but a wake up call that’s saying, ‘Yes you are pretending to be someone you are not. And it’s not the real you.’ Often feeling like an imposter is because of a desire to be like someone else in the work place or because we believe we have to be like others to fit in.

When you next have this feeling, see it as a helpful ALARM bell that’s here to serve rather than a problem to fix.