Being a management consultant can be a very demanding job; responding to client needs, travelling to be on client site and delivering to somewhat tight deadlines to name a few of the key demands. Given this, what is your way of coping?

I would like to share what has changed for me so that you might begin to be curious about another way of looking at your work and life. I’ll take you back to the early 2000’s when I was working as a consultant. Looking at myself back then, I was a very driven, focused, all-be-it a little serious and stressed out consultant.

I had my calmer moments, however for a lot of the time I spent it caught up in my head with an underlying ‘internal rattle’ of ‘This doesn’t feel right….. The deadline is close…I’ve got to deliver…this has to be good….’ I felt I was never quite doing enough of the right thing, was not good enough or was caught up in thinking the consulting was causing my stress. I performed well but didn’t feel I was performing to the best of my ability.

If I had known then what I know now about where our moment-to-moment experiences in life come from, I would have been able to spend more of my time ‘in life’ instead of ‘in the storm in my head’.

Knowing that we are living in the feeling of the principle of thought that comes into form moment-to- moment has allowed me to notice and respond to situations more calmly, more neutrally and from a place of deep wisdom. 100% of the time we work from the Inside Out and not from the Outside In.

This is so exciting as it’s always been this way and always will be but we’re conditioned to look outside ourselves for the explanation of our feelings. We’ve been looking in the wrong direction!

As Sydney Banks, Author and Philospher said, ‘If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.’

If you are curious about the Inside Out understanding and would like to have a chat about your own situation, do get in touch and we can arrange a time to meet for a coffee or speak virtually.