Noticing Who You Really Are


  • Are you feeling like you are at a crossroads career-wise? 
  • Are you questioning whether you want to continue doing what you are doing or step up to a more senior role? 
  • Would you like to be yourself in the workplace and to bring yourself fully to your role? 
  • Maybe you feel undecided about what to do with your career?

 Virtual Group Coaching ~ Four Weeks 

  • It will be a small group of no more than ten women from different professions
  • Once a week you will be part of a 90 minute group coaching session, 12-1:30pm
  • Before and after each group coaching I will be sending you some short video learning with questions
  • You have one 121 Coaching session with me during the four weeks
  • We will be using Zoom to work as a whole group plus use the breakout rooms so you get to work with each other
  • The work we do will be in a safe and confidential space
  • I will invite some guest speakers so you get input from a wide range of coaches.
  • For all of the above the cost is £295



 Example areas that we would cover are:

  • How to be visible whilst working remotely
  • How to present yourself remotely
  • What’s really going on when we feel stuck
  • How to make the decision that counts
  • How to say what you really want to say
  • Why we hide away from being our true selves
  • Feeling like an imposter is a signal to stop and ask yourself some questions. It’s a good thing!

For those curious to find out more, please book a chat so I can find out how you are doing, what’s happening in your work and role, what you love and what you are craving for. That way I can tailor the series to your needs.