One to One Coaching

What is it?

The majority of the one to one coaching is done over Zoom, however when a more intensive session is needed then I do this face-to-face for a half or full day. This is time for you, when you can take a step back and see what’s really going on for you in your life.

Who is it for?

It’s for you, if you finally want to find out about being your true self, and showing up at work and in life from a place of happiness and peace. It’s for you if you are fed up of trying lots of different tools and techniques, or having coaching that leads you to search outside of yourself for the answer. It’s for you if you are seeking the end to seeking!

How do we know if we will work well together?

Before working with any of my clients we will have a 30 minute complimentary discovery call so I can get a sense of you, your challenges, what you want and see if how I work is what you are looking for.

“Rather than fix the problems you experience, get more interested in the nature of you, the one who experiences. Because, if you get wrong who you are, everything you experience will be wrong too.”

Garret Kramer

How does the 1-1 coaching work?

This will give you an idea of how it works, however I do tailor it to suit where my client is at and what I feel is needed.

Kick-off session

  • Here I want to find out what you want and what you think is stopping you from doing what you want
  • We begin to look at what is really going on, notice beliefs, habits and the conditioning that is getting in the way
  • We will take a step back and challenge who you think you are, so that you see you aren’t as limited as you thought you were. We will look at the illusion of the ego self and how this limits us being our true self
  • Together we allow any emotion to happen and I am there to support you through this. Clients begin to see that feelings aren’t something that we control and see them for what they are.

Getting Into Action

  • This is about getting into action by noticing what small steps you can take to make what you want happen.
  • We look at focusing on what you can do now, how you can act on what shows up, and learn about what being in control really means
  • We build questions that you can use to check in on yourself and how you are being whilst doing the actions

The work I do with my clients is in service of where they want to get to and being fully committed to them and their journey.

I have a deep motive for a love of truth and this is shown in the way I ask questions that so many of us choose to ignore in our every day lives. My clients see that life feels so much freer and joyful when they are showing up as themselves.

“Kate was a fantastic listener! Even when offering advice she always asked how this resonated, what I thought of things she had just shared so it felt like a real dialogue and proper coaching.”

Engagement Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm

“It’s been extremely helpful having these coaching sessions – your advice has really come in handy and has made me see things from a different perspective.”

Senior Associate, Magic Circle Law Firm