A Community for Returning Parents


Imagine joining a community with other returning parents, and together discovering harmony in your work and life? 

You’ve got a decent chunk of responsibility in your role. You’re going through one of life’s biggest transitions at the same time. On listening to hundreds of returning parents, they tell me they would like to chat to others and share their experiences with those who are also returning to work around the same time as them. Many say they have no one in their team to talk to, and don’t know who they can turn to. 

They are looking for connection with others, guidance to evaluate what’s important to them and a place to have open and honest conversations. They want to build a network of like-minded people outside of their own workplace. And to be able to do all of this in a safe place. 

I am building a safe, independent community for you to do just that!

I know as a returning parent you have your own brilliance to share. So through my support and coaching I will help you liberate your potential and discover your true superpowers.

How will it look?

  • Takes place over three months 
  • Two Community Calls (Zoom), 45mins each, twice a month (2 weeks apart)
  • You are taking action between calls 
  • First month is FREE 
  • Total cost £90
  • Recommend a friend and you and your friend go half price! 

During the calls you are free to ask questions, discuss day-to-day challenges, hear tips and advice from me and others, and go away with clear, actionable steps every time.

I will be taking your feedback on board too, so we discuss what’s important to you. Which could be anything from; 

  • Perceptions of being a parent – how they can hold you back 
  • Feelings – ‘The Truth behind feelings’ 
  • Sustainable reintegration to work – knowing and setting your boundaries, phasing-back, taking time for you etc.
  • Juggling competing requirements
  • Managing conversations and stating your needs

Why Me?

I’ve been there too and I know what it can feel like!

I have a deep understanding and empathy for returning parents, having navigated my own transitions, and completed Academic-based research in this area.

For over ten years I have been coaching returning parents to access the clarity and wisdom they need to reintegrate successfully, and confidently take the next career move, whilst maintaining harmony in their personal lives. 

Now I would like to take this to serve more parents like you and provide the support that you need on your return to work. Support matters to me as much as action so with your permission I can help you make change inside your organisations by taking the anonymous insights from the community meetings to share with key business leaders which might even be your boss! Practical action to effect meaningful change.

Get in touch to find out how to join our community.