“The way you weave it all together – personal and spiritual insight and reflection to unlock my potential. You are very in touch with the inside out but have extensive senior corporate leadership experience as well. You are a natural authentic master of what you do and you are a dedicated mother.”

Director of Transformation at an NHS Trust

“Working with Kate was instrumental in helping me see what I needed to do to get clarity on my role and the appropriate financial package. It also brought to light how I needed to build the relationship with my boss by not focusing on what I don’t have but what I do have. Kate has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter and moving onto a concrete plan of action.”

Deputy Chief Executive at an Events and Education Charity

“Kate was a fantastic listener! Even when offering advice she always asked how this resonated, what I thought of things she had just shared so it felt like a real dialogue and proper coaching.”

Engagement Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm

“It’s been extremely helpful having these coaching sessions – your advice has really come in handy and has made me see things from a different perspective.”

Senior Associate, Magic Circle Law Firm

“My coaching experience with Kate was very special as it went deeper than coaching for me. Kate helped me to connect back to my true self from a place of knowing that I have everything I need, I am wise and I am enough. Kate’s very professional but warm style was easy to work with and her approach to coaching gave me many realisations to the way I see and respond to what’s going on around me.”

Head of Organisation Development at a Charity

“Practical suggestions particularly around managing relationships during leave and giving that some thought ahead of time (which I hadn’t). Also generally very friendly and lovely to speak to! It is a very worthwhile service. Builds confidence at a challenging time and offers practical support for transitioning to parenthood.”

Engagement Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm

“Kate engaged well beyond my specific questions, probing topics that I found very useful, but that I hadn’t thought of myself initially (mainly around work-life balance upon return to work). I also liked the stakeholder framework that Kate used and the practical advice she gave – e.g. concrete keeping-in-touch topics for conversation with the Partners.”

Senior Associate, Magic Circle Law Firm