Are you hungry to make a change in your work life?

  • To take that role in a new organisation?
  • To manage a successful return to a corporate role after maternity leave?
  • To go for that promotion or Board position?
  • To explore what you really want to do?

I work with Senior Women Leaders who are committed to making that change. Who are willing to look at what’s really going for themselves and who are open to a whole new way of looking at life and work.

In the last 20 years I have worked in many corporate environments and have coached a lot of high achieving women who so want to be themselves, but feel they are hiding behind an image, feeling overwhelmed or out of balance.

I coach in a very direct way that allows women to see what’s possible, to understand the nature of their being and in so doing live life from a place of peace, love and joy.

The Kate Adey Coaching Experience Is An Opportunity for Senior Women Leaders to take a step back and notice who they really are – to understand the nature of their being and open up to a whole new way of looking at life, work and themselves.

“The way you weave it all together – personal and spiritual insight and reflection to unlock my potential. You are very in touch with the inside out but have extensive senior corporate leadership experience as well. You are a natural authentic master of what you do and you are a dedicated mother.”

Director of Transformation at an NHS Trust

“My coaching experience with Kate was very special as it went deeper than coaching for me. Kate helped me to connect back to my true self from a place of knowing that I have everything I need, I am wise and I am enough. Kate’s very professional but warm style was easy to work with and her approach to coaching gave me many realisations to the way I see and respond to what’s going on around me.”

Head of Organisation Development at a Charity

What makes me different?

Firstly, I’m not your standard leadership Coach who would typically be hired to help you develop your leadership skills or enhance your capabilities around your influence, impact and presence in the workplace.

  • I’m not coaching you to achieve a certain outcome in order to feel fulfilled in life. I am coaching you to take a step back, to notice who you really are when you aren’t seeking and to take action from that knowing and happy place.
  • The way I work is routed in my understanding of our true nature and so I coach as an expression of who I am: Happiness, Peace, Wisdom.

How I Work with Clients

Ultimately, I work with senior women leaders to support them in noticing who they really are which is a process that’s powerful, meaningful and transformative

  • I work in a very intuitive, collaborative and supportive way – enquiring and challenging my clients to look at what is at the heart of who they truly are
  • I create a safe and completely confidential space to do this explorative work
  • I help clients see for themselves the assumptions and beliefs that they have been unknowingly accepting as true about who they are
  • I help them realise that their gift is to know their own ‘being’ and that from this place everything else follows
  • I speak and ask a lot of questions from a foundation of knowing who I am and who I am not – this is the basis from which I take action and coach all my clients

As a former consultant at Accenture and a Leadership and Development Coach for large corporations, I’ve experienced many of the challenges that working in a large corporate brings.

If you are fed up of striving to achieve a certain outcome in order to feel fulfilled in life, would like discover real happiness at work and in life and take action from that place, then let’s chat.

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So much in life goes unnoticed. Our personal minds are drawn to objects – words, things, people, and so we can easily miss the richness of what is always there to be seen. What lies in noticing the unnoticed is a path to more peace and a lot less suffering. 

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